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Delaware Health Officials Confirm First Flu Case of the Season

First flu case is documented for the 2014-2015 season in Sussex County, Delaware.
The state’s department of public health is reporting 2014-2015’s first case of flu. A 2-year old Sussex County resident’s infection with the influenza type A strain of the virus was not serious enough to require hospitalization – but was confirmed by laboratory tests as the first official case of the season. DPH is advising vaccinations for everyone over 6 months of age – and are conducting public flu clinics to educate residents on the importance of getting a flu shot – especially for pregnant women, seniors, infants younger than six months, health care providers and those with compromised immune systems. They also advise routine defenses like hand washing, covering coughs and staying at home when ill. Last season saw over 1800 confirmed cases – and six related deaths – of the influenza types A and B strains.

For additional resources or information on prevention, diagnosis and treatment visit Health and Social Services website.