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Study Reveals that Delaware Ranks 23rd in Adult Obesity

The state budget might be shrinking, but Delawareans' waist sizes are not. The adult obesity rate in Delaware is 30.7 percent, which is the 23rd highest in the country, according to a report Thursday from the Trust for American's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 

According to a recent News Journal article, the obesity rate has more than doubled in the state in recent decades. In 1990, the rate was 14.4 percent. Of those Delawareans, 34.8 percent are age 45-64 and about 36.5 percent are black. More women are obese than men in Delaware, the study said. 

In a separate report released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that health organization said no state reported an obesity rate below 20 percent.

The CDC defines obesity as a disease that occurs when a person's weight is higher than what a typical healthy weight might be for a certain height. It's typically measured by a person's Body Mass Index.

The agency said the data suggests more needs to be done to help Americans be active and eat healthier.

Marianne Carter, director of Delaware Center for Health Promotion, said the state needs to invest more resources in programs, policies and environmental changes in order to curb obesity rates.
"What’s scary is the prediction that if we continue at the rate we’re going, we’ll be in the top five," Carter said.
She cited Trust for America's Health's 2014 study that predicted Delaware will have 64.7 percent obesity rate by 2030 if the state continues on the same trajectory. Click here to read the entire News Journal article.