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Delaware to Gather Data as Part of National Medicaid Initiative

In an effort to transform how health care is paid for and delivered in the state, Delaware has joined seven states to participate in a national initiative to use data systems to inform health care policies relating to Medicaid.
According to a News Journal article, the state said Monday (June 25, 2018) that it's involvement in the National Governors Association plan led by Elizabeth Brown, medical director for the Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance, will help create a strategic plan for data analytics in support of policies in its Medicaid program.

This more recent move continues to underline how much data is increasingly a huge commodity and touch stone in health care.

Delaware is moving to compile all kinds of information to create a benchmark inflation rate that in turn eventually would be used to try to slow the growth of state health care spending. One reason is that Delaware routinely ranks high in lists of money spent on health care, but only middling in rankings for health states. Read more.