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Delaware to Issue Stricter Regulations on Opiate Prescriptions

Delaware officials on Wednesday unveiled new rules that doctors will be required to follow when they prescribe opiate pain medication, starting April 1.

According to an article in The News Journal, the new regulations will make it harder for doctors to issue any more than a seven-day supply of opiate medication to adult patients receiving their first prescription to treat pain from injuries or medical procedures.

The changes also will cap all opiate prescriptions for the treatment of acute pain in minors at a seven-day supply, enhance the rules doctors must follow when prescribing opiates to treat chronic, long-term pain and institute new minimum requirements for what must be included in the forms patients are required to sign before receiving opiate medications.

“These regulations can save lives by helping to curb the abuse of opiates in our state," said Delaware Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock, whose department regulates and licenses prescribers of controlled substances. Click here to read the entire article.