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New Year, New You! 8 Easy Steps to Better Nutrition in 2017

According to The News Journal, two-thirds of adult Delawareans are classified as either overweight or obese. To start out the new year on a positive note and begin reversing this trend, many may be contemplating weight loss as a New Year’s resolution.
While shedding excess pounds is an admirable 2017 goal, beware the pitfall of approaching it incorrectly.  
For starters, unrealistic expectations usually lead to short-lived commitment. According to the article in The News Journal, even though you may desire a weight loss of 30 pounds in the next month, it’s not realistic.
It’s also unwise to simply focus on how many pounds you want to lose. That implies that when you reach your goal, you can resume your previous habits/lifestyle. Not true.
Rather than set your sights on losing a specific amount of weight, try focusing on the behaviors that will get you there.
Old habits die hard; many people benefit from taking baby steps during their journey to a healthy weight. 
Following are some food-related strategies for reducing your calorie intake – the magic formula for weight reduction. Read more.