Delaware success stories

DE Success StoriesQuality improvement endeavors can often feel overwhelming, but chances are, you can learn from the experiences that another physician, hospital or nursing home has had in a similar situation. Coupled with support from Quality Insights Quality Innovation Network, learning what has worked for others — and what didn't — is a valuable strategic planning component. 

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Quality Insights of Delaware Helps Providers Overcome PQRS Electronic Submission Challenges

Learn how Quality Insights of Delaware helped 48 eligible providers qualify for bonus payments through the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services' Physician Quality Reporting System quality initiative.
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) instituted the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) quality initiative to provide information on the quality of care across different settings. This initiative offers bonus payments to eligible providers (EPs) who participate in the program by submitting data to CMS regarding the quality measures reported on when caring for their Medicare patients.
As the submission process moved from paper-based to electronic-based reporting, Quality Insights stepped in to help eligible providers (EPs) in this process. Our goal was to provide support to 28 EPs in submitting three PQRS measures via a CMS Qualified Direct EHR vendor by the CMS deadline.
The team at Quality Insights took the lead in researching the Direct Submission Vendors (DSVs) that were qualified for electronic PQRS submission options available in Delaware and closely evaluated each DSV’s submission capabilities and costs. Quality Insights project coordinators then set forth in educating EPs about PQRS options, providing technical support to the EPs to build and analyze data reports for the measures they would report, monitoring the EPs’ data reporting to assure the correct demographics and procedure codes were being captured in the reports and assisting the EPs and the DSV to determine each practice’s EHR capabilities to obtain access to Practice Management and Clinical Data for PQRS reporting.
Thanks to the hard work and collaboration between the providers, Quality Insights and the vendor, 48 EPs successfully submitted their measures by the deadline.