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Quality improvement endeavors can often feel overwhelming, but chances are, you can learn from the experiences that another physician, hospital or nursing home has had in a similar situation. Coupled with support from Quality Insights Quality Innovation Network, learning what has worked for others — and what didn't — is a valuable strategic planning component. 

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In their own words: The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana Re-Energizes Successful Campaign

This story was submitted by: The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana

At The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana, our goal is to always have a culture where everyone is focused
on giving high quality, safe care to every patient. Core Measures are the guidelines that are proven to
improve patient outcomes and help us provide high quality, safe care to every patient. As we all know, when we follow these guidelines, our patients have less severe and less frequent illnesses. We believe that everyone at all levels, including senior leaders, directors, pharmacy, nursing, quality, and medical staff, must have a role in following core measure and quality of care guidelines.
We have had success with core measures over the years but with the changes brought about by value based purchasing we felt it was the optimal time to re-energize the campaign. In December of 2011 we implemented several new and exciting processes & tools. They included:

  • Checklists placed on the chart by the staff at the 1st point of entry on all identified core measure patients. Nursing updates the list every shift and as needed.
  • The charge nurse report sheet has been modified to include all the best practices. The charge nurse updates the report as needed and uses to oversee compliance with requirements and for hand-off report.
  • Monitors placed in key areas with a patient tracker that flags all core measures patients.
  • Daily huddles for directors to allow nursing leaders to have continuous communication with administration and each other. Every morning, directors from key areas come together and, using the checklist and charge nurse report sheet, are able to discuss all core measures patients and assure compliance.
  • Weekly Core Measure Meetings held to talk about how things are going and what can be done to
    improve. This meeting is held on Thursdays, immediately following the daily huddle, and any outlier or near miss are discussed to help identify opportunities for improvement and solutions that help provide our patients with the high quality, safe care that they deserve.
  • The “Green” team made up of staff from each department that is tasked with coming up with the ideas that make sure best practices are always being carried out.
  • Discharge “Time Out” - an opportunity to stop and be sure that the patient is getting everything they need before discharge. The discharging nurse reviews the checklist with a second reviewer and signs off if accurate and everything is complete.

A strong understanding of core measures and processes for improvement provides the strong foundation that is critical to our hospital’s success. Michelle DeRouen, the HCA MidAmerica division Regional Director of Quality, when introducing the increased focus, stated “Every person who touches the patient has a responsibility to be sure that the patient receives high quality, safe care. By making our approach to core measures an interdisciplinary approach; we are strengthening our program and ensuring that every patient gets the high quality, safe care that each patient deserves.”