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Quality improvement endeavors can often feel overwhelming, but chances are, you can learn from the experiences that another physician, hospital or nursing home has had in a similar situation. Coupled with support from Quality Insights Quality Innovation Network, learning what has worked for others — and what didn't — is a valuable strategic planning component. 

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Graduates Express Appreciation for EDC Class Experience

Graduates of the Everyone with Diabetes Counts (EDC) program in Pennsylvania
recently shared comments about their experiences participating in classes held at the Cheltenham ShopRite supermarket.

“The class was incredible! I have not had a class like this in many years... 

“The class was incredible! I have not had a class like this in many years. My insurance does not pay for classes like this. I enjoyed interacting with others with diabetes and not feeling like I am alone with this chronic condition. So much of the information presented in class inspired me to do better with self-management such as the way certain body organs are affected by diabetes such as the kidneys, how depression and stress affect diabetes, and hearing the effect on the lives of other people who are on similar medications. I learned how to read food labels and what to look for in terms of carbohydrates, sugars, and fats.
“Testimonials of how others are handling this disease and how many of the things I do are perfect for managing my condition. It was a good reminder of things I have not done that I should start doing more.” 
- Carolyn B. Chester, EDC Class Graduate
“I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to attend the ‘Everyone with Diabetes Counts’ program presented by Mary Rivera. Mary came prepared every Saturday with informative visuals which I took photos of and shared with my friends and family. We had healthy snacks and water every session. We learned how to read food labels, plan meals, develop an action plan for success, the importance of exercise, and discussed specific medical appointments diabetics should have each year. 
“Mary had a great rapport with the members of our class and had no problem sharing her personal testimony and challenges. I’ve been inspired to do better to avoid getting full-fledged diabetes and I feel more confident being able to prepare meals for my diabetic son. Thank you for this class!”
- Lynn Jacobs, EDC Participant

"I have really learned a lot in this class. I have learned how to read labels and do portion sizes and have been working on that. I have learned about medication and how they work. Also, I have learned how stress and illness can affect your blood sugar and how depression really affects diabetes. I've learned that exercise can lower your blood sugars. I have learned so much from this class and I am so glad that I came."
-Cheryl Conover, EDC Participant
About Everyone with Diabetes Counts (EDC)
EDC in Pennsylvania uses the Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP) curriculum created by the University of Illinois at Chicago. DEEP teaches people with diabetes and/or their caregivers the skills they need to be in control of their health. Consisting of six weekly classes, participants learn about diabetes risks, nutrition, weight management, how to properly manage medications and much more. Based on group interaction and working together, the classes empower and inspire the participants to feel confident about their health and themselves.
Quality Insights facilitates free diabetes education classes throughout Pennsylvania as part of the EDC program. View a list of available workshops. If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, contact Shikina Wills, Project Coordinator at (877) 346-6180, ext. 7825 or
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