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Quality improvement endeavors can often feel overwhelming, but chances are, you can learn from the experiences that another physician, hospital or nursing home has had in a similar situation. Coupled with support from Quality Insights Quality Innovation Network, learning what has worked for others — and what didn't — is a valuable strategic planning component. 

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Participant Finds Camaraderie and Learns Healthy Habits at EDC Classes

EDC logoA participant of the Everyone with Diabetes Counts (EDC) program in Pennsylvania recently shared how, by attending classes at the Cheltenham ShopRite supermarket, the information she learned has impacted her health.
“The Everyone with Diabetes Counts program has taught me a great deal of valuable information in which to gain a better understanding of diabetes self-management. I am a fifty-year-old Type 2 diabetic. I have never had any real thorough training on what diabetes is, how it can impact your body, mind and spirit, or how to control it. As a result, I suffered many of the side effects that come with having uncontrolled blood sugar levels for over thirty years, including heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetic neuropathy, and diabetic retinopathy, just to name a few.
“Since attending the EDC classes, I have learned the importance of reading labels and understanding what they mean. Understanding the difference between a portion size and a serving size helps me to prepare a well-balanced plate with the goal of losing weight.
“In addition to learning more than I ever thought I would about diabetes, I met some really great people. We encouraged each other to stay active (by going to the gym), eat healthier, and stay positive.
“Sharing our experiences and struggles helped us to know we are not alone in this battle for a diabetic controlled healthy lifestyle. This program has given me a realistic way to manage my diabetes on a daily basis. Sharing everything I am learning with my family and friends is encouraging to me and helpful to them. I would recommend this program to everyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle.
“Miss Mary Rivera is the best diabetes educator ever! She was thorough in teaching the lessons. She would spend extra time with us if we needed more explanation about something. Using assigned material and her own personal experiences made the whole learning experience more personal and relatable.”
– Michelle Denise Spates, EDC class participant