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Community Grant Opportunity Available for Dementia-Capable Outreach, Training and Supports (DOTS) in WV

The West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services has announced a grant opportunity for groups interested in improving the quality of care and increasing access to comprehensive, disease-appropriate services for individuals with Alzheimer's  or a related dementia and family caregivers in pilot communities across the state. 
Connecting the DOTS (Dementia-Capable Outreach, Training and Supports) in WV: 
Community Grant Opportunity
(Through a grant from the Administration on Aging: Creating and Sustaining 
Dementia-Capable Service Systems for People with Dementia and Their Family Caregivers)
Eligible applicant: For the purpose of this grant, community is defined as a group of people who share common interests (Ex: faith communities, provider agencies, civic organizations, businesses) or people who live in the same area (town, neighborhood) and who want to work together to improve their community’s ability to provide services to individuals with dementia and their families.     
Purpose: To improve quality of care and increase access to comprehensive, disease appropriate services for individuals with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia and family caregivers in pilot communities across the state. 
Funding available: Up to nine grants of $10,000 per grantee will be awarded.  Each grantee will receive $5,000 the first year of the grant period and another $5,000 for year two of the grant.  A local in-kind match is required. 
Scope of activities and outcomes: Grantees must address the following objectives for individuals with dementia who live at home and their family caregivers:
  • Increase awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, including warning signs,diagnosis, local events and available resources.
  • Improve knowledge and skills of family caregivers, provider agencies, and community gatekeepers. 
    • Host the Savvy Caregiver training (a multi-week, evidenced-based training for family caregivers of individuals with dementia that increases caregiving skills, knowledge, confidence and understanding and decreases caregiving’s adverse effects). Respite will be provided through the DOTS grant.
    • Identify agencies, organizations and businesses that could benefit from dementia-capable training.
    • Work with the DOTS Team to ensure that frontline employees at referring agencies have the knowledge and tools to connect families to the best available resources.
  • Develop dementia-capable pilot communities that will effectively serve and support individualswith Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia and their families.
    • Form a community coalition; conduct a dementia-capable needs assessment (survey tool provided); and develop a work plan that addresses education, awareness and a direct service component.
    • Implement the work plan with the assistance of the DOTS Leadership Team; evaluate outcomes and put measures in place to sustain effective change.
Application components and deadline: Each application must include a project narrative, project budget and budget narrative, including description of in-kind match. Application deadline is March 3, 2017.  A grant review team, independent of the Bureau of Senior Services, will evaluate all applications.
Project timeline:  Grantees will be announced on March 17, 2017.  This is a 20-month project.
To request a grant application or for more information: Please contact Nancy Cipoletti or Trudy Oliver, WV Bureau of Senior Services, 304-558-3317 or nancy.j.cipoletti@wv.gov or trudy.k.oliver@wv.gov.