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Quality Insights Partners with HospiceCare for "Caregiver Coffee Break" Series

Quality Insights has partnered with HospiceCare to coordinate a series of educational sessions for patients and families with chronic, life-limiting illnesses. The series, called “Caregiver Coffee Break,” is a 30-minute broadcast that airs monthly on the West Virginia Library Commission’s television network. 
CaregiverCoffeeBreakLogoThe show is an initiative of HospiceCare and has been produced at no cost by the West Virginia Library Commission since 2016. Quality Insights began its partnership with HospiceCare to participate in the production of the show in the spring of 2018. Since that time, Quality Insights has been involved in the production of five shows with topics that include: 
  • An overview of Quality Insights Quality Innovation Network;
  • Everyone with Diabetes Counts (EDC);
  • Aging and disability resources;
  • Choosing a nursing home; and
  • Legal aid for seniors.
Shows air on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays on Suddenlink’s Channel 17 for local viewers and also on the Library Television Network’s YouTube channel.  
Carol Matheny, a project coordinator for Quality Insights in West Virginia, is the host and writer of the show. She began as host when she worked as a community education coordinator at HospiceCare and was asked to continue in partnership with Quality Insights when she assumed her new role as a project coordinator there. 
“The premise was initially started based on Rosalyn Carter’s statement that everyone is a caregiver, has been a caregiver, or will be a caregiver or a care receiver at some point in their life,” Matheny said. “With that thought in mind, a root cause analysis was done about the needs of caregivers. The analysis and research showed that patients do better throughout their illness when they have an engaged caregiver who understands their illness and participates in their medical care. It also showed that many caregivers are employed full-time while taking care of aging parents as well as children, which can increase stress levels immensely.”
“Caregiving is stressful, but such an important job,” Carla VanWyck, Program Director for Quality Insights Quality Innovation Network in West Virginia, said. “By partnering for Caregiver Coffee Break, we hope to help provide tools and resources that can help caregivers offer the best possible care to their loved ones, but also learn ways to take care of themselves.”
For more information about upcoming episodes, contact Carol Matheny at cmatheny@qualityinsights.org, or call (304) 346-9864 ext. 4230.
About Quality Insights Quality Innovation Network 
Quality Insights is the Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) for Delaware, Louisiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Quality Insights collaborates with healthcare providers, patients and allied organizations across the network to bring about widespread, significant improvements in the quality of care they deliver. We are committed to reaching the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' goals of better care, smarter spending and healthier people. Learn more about the network.