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Quality improvement endeavors can often feel overwhelming, but chances are, you can learn from the experiences that another physician, hospital or nursing home has had in a similar situation. Coupled with support from Quality Insights Quality Innovation Network, learning what has worked for others — and what didn't — is a valuable strategic planning component. 

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Carehaven at Pleasants Uses QAPI to Achieve Success

Carehaven at Pleasants, a 68-bed skilled nursing facility in Belmont, West Virginia, has found the secret to low-stress state survey visits. Through proactive staff education, use of the QAPI process and the partnership with Quality Insights Quality Innovation Network, the facility’s most recent survey was smooth sailing and deficiency free for the first time.
Recent e-mails from Quality Insights project coordinator, Pam Meador, brought top-of-mind awareness of the importance of the QAPI process to assess and implement change to Carehaven Administrator Linda Sistrunk. Linda found that the QAPI process helped her hone her passion to create systematic changes to result in facility-wide improvements that would become second-nature to staff.

“We made process commitment and compliance a daily focus as opposed to a ‘when the state comes in’ approach,” stated Linda.

As part of the QAPI process, Pam suggested that staff take the state survey questions (West Virginia uses the Quality Indicator Survey, or QIS) that are asked of residents, family members and staff, and answer them in advance. This gives them an opportunity to fix those issues that come up prior to the survey visit, so when the surveyor asks that same question, staff can confidently answer that they have already addressed it, and it is no longer an issue or is well on its way to not being an issue.

According to Linda, her staff embraced this new process and was able to make systematic improvements based on the findings. Internal survey results were discussed monthly, and representatives from all staffing disciplines were involved in the oversight of this new process. “I was very fortunate that our team was already successful in follow-through, but the continued effort needed to occur daily. We reviewed nurses notes and encouraged and held one another accountable. When our survey occurred we already had the processes in place and the floor staff – the most important staff – were immediately understanding of how to be compliant.”

Pam says that Carehaven’s success is due, not only to their commitment to quality and true systemic change, but also to their transparency while working through their challenges. “Not only did they acknowledge the issues, they were transparent with residents, families, staff and surveyors, making it obvious that, while they noted areas of improvement, they would address them as a team.”

The future is promising at Carehaven. While staff continues to have monthly meetings about the QIS questions, they are also looking at the updated five-star rating system and how it can be used to continue providing quality care with improved outcomes. Based on how all departments pulled together and worked as a team to ensure success on their most recent state survey, Linda is confident that success will translate into other areas as well. “Our nursing assistants followed every rule and provided exemplary care to the residents of our building.  The nurses and department managers delegated and monitored and enforced accountability. We are successful because of them. They made us better.”