Increasing Annual Wellness Visit Utilization Project

Annual Wellness Visit Package ChangeNearly 90 percent of people with Medicare visit a physician at least once a year, making an average of six visits annually. In spite of this, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that only 33 percent of women and 40 percent of men aged 65 and over receive the full range of recommended age-specific preventive services.

As a result of The Affordable Care Act, Medicare began paying for Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) designed to prevent disease and/or disability and to slow the progression of chronic disease.


About the Project

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Increasing Annual Wellness Visit Utilization is a Special Innovation Project (SIP). Through this project, Quality Insights’ team educates and supports primary care practitioners as they encourage their patients to maximize use of Medicare-covered preventive benefits. Download our fact sheet

Specifically, Quality Insights:
  • Provides education and tools to help physician practices eliminate barriers that prevent patients from utilizing preventive health services
  • Examines office workflow to determine areas where preventive services can be incorporated into daily routine
  • Develops individualized practitioner reports to analyze the number of patients who receive preventive services and determine opportunities for improvement - participating providers access their reports through a password-protected online platform

Medical ToolIn addition to provider education, Quality Insights recognizes the value of patient and family engagement in improving healthcare. Our quality improvement activities, technical assistance and educational materials include components that encourage active patient and family involvement in the healthcare team.

As a result of this initiative, our goal is to realize an increase in Annual Wellness Visits, which will increase Medicare patients’ use of appropriate clinical preventive services, thereby improving their health and quality of life. This focus on preventive medicine also allows primary care practitioners to identify high risk patients and initiate a treatment plan sooner rather than later.

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