Improving Cardiac health,
reducing Cardiac Healthcare Disparities

Quality Insights participated in the Advancing Million Hearts®: AHA and Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Partners Working Together in West Virginia Meeting on August 23, 2017. View the meeting summary.

Preventive cardiovascular care is at the heart of better health for people with Medicare. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), two million heart attacks and strokes account for approximately 600,000 deaths each year. This makes heart disease the leading cause of death for both men and women. 

How We Can Help

Quality Insights’ Quality Innovation Network offers a wealth of free evidence-based resources to improve cardiac health. We also convene Learning and Action Networks (LANs) to give healthcare providers, community organizations and patients the opportunity to share, learn and make a difference.Logo for Million Hearts

Our efforts align with the national

Check out our Million Hearts® collection of high-impact materials for clinicians

Million Hearts® initiative that seeks to prevent one million heart attacks and strokes and include the following: 


Home Health Agencies

  • Logo for HHQI CampaignProviding resources and direct technical assistance on preventive cardiovascular best practices
  • Facilitating participation in the national Home Health Cardiovascular Data Registry
  • Identifying communication opportunities between home health agencies and other providers
  • Introducing Health Information Technology (HIT) tools to support secure communication between healthcare settings 

Physician Practices

  • Providing data targets, monitoring processes and patient-driven motivation to succeed
  • Facilitating the selection and spread of successful interventions
  • Identifying opportunities to work through the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle
  • Utilizing the My Quality Insights platform to maximize preventive cardiovascular impact 

Patients and their Families

  • Providing opportunities to participate directly in Learning and Action Networks
  • Facilitating the sharing of individuals’ success stories related to cardiovascular prevention
  • Identifying critical community stakeholders for partnerships throughout our region
  • Introducing useful educational resources designed with proper health literacy and cultural appropriateness levels
All of these strategies include a focus on blood pressure measurement and control to benefit all Medicare beneficiaries with a key emphasis on African Americans, Hispanics and other racial and ethnic minority beneficiaries; dual-eligible beneficiaries (those with both Medicare and Medicaid); and the providers and practitioners who serve them. 

Get Involved

Quality Insights’ Quality Innovation Network’s goal is to be at the forefront of improving cardiac health in our network. To learn more or initiate a partnership, please visit the Get Local section of this website to connect with your local project coordinator.

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