Combatting Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria through Antibiotic Stewardship in Communities

Central to a comprehensive program to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria is antibiotic stewardship (also referred to as antimicrobial stewardship) within healthcare systems and throughout the healthcare community. Antibiotic stewardship is a program by which facilities are able to monitor, reduce and prevent misuse and/or overuse of antibiotics within a healthcare system using a multidisciplinary team and strategic approach. Often seen in hospitals in different forms, antibiotic stewardship principles need to be expanded beyond the inpatient setting as part of a comprehensive patient care model. Quality Insights has a project focused on improving outpatient antibiotic stewardship. The Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship project includes physician practices, pharmacies, outpatient clinics, emergency departments, urgent care clinics and other outpatient settings.

How We Can Help

Our approach provides outreach and education, technical assistance and spread of antibiotic stewardship, directed to practitioners, pharmacists, healthcare system leadership as well as to people with Medicare.
We engage with partners and stakeholders in our communities in order to identify and develop areas where education and antibiotic stewardship programs are needed. Quality Insights forms, leads and/or participates in critical partnerships with state and local agencies, private-sector organizations, patient advocacy groups and other entities engaged in this important work.

Quality Insights has a Multidisciplinary Advisory Group comprised of thought leaders who understand the fundamental principles of antimicrobial stewardship and the unique aspects of stewardship implementation in the outpatient setting. The Multidisciplinary Advisory Group provides guidance to Quality Insights in understanding and identifying geographic variations in antibiotic use in outpatient settings, communities, and regions of the QIN-QIO and leveraging clinical and community leader’s perspective and influence to penetrate the clinical operations environment, in order to tailor antibiotic stewardship elements to the outpatient setting’s needs.


What We Can Achieve Together

This coordinated approach leads to comprehensive, patient-centered programs supported by a Learning and Action Network (LAN) designed to empower providers and consumers to create synergy, impact outcomes, and meet the goals of:
  • Increasing the number of outpatient settings that have incorporated all Core Elements of Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship
  • Develop a multidisciplinary advisory team with expertise in the area of Antibiotic Stewardship
  • Provide education to both clinicians and the community on the fundamentals of antibiotic stewardship and the risks of misuse/overuse of antibiotics 
What is a Learning and Action Network (LAN)?
  • LANs convene stakeholders, providers, patient/family representatives, and improvement experts in an “all teach, all learn” environment
  • Through the LAN, Quality Insights:
    • Provides educational webinars and conferences 
    • Allows for the sharing of best practices 
    • Supports adapting and spreading successful improvements

Get Involved

Quality Insights’ Quality Innovation Network is at the forefront of improving antibiotic stewardship throughout our region. The Get Local section of this website to connect you with your local project coordinator. Contact your local project coordinator for information on upcoming events and resources about antibiotic stewardship.  

Check out this fact sheet to learn more about the antibiotic stewardship project.

Recruitment for the Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship project ended on July 31, 2017. However, outpatient providers can still join the project by completing this online participation agreement
A Welcome Packet lists QIN staff in each state, project introduction, terms, goal, core elements, quick links (e.g. CDC Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship), FAQ’s, resources and timeline.

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